About Us

Sometimes, using the login page of an organization, school, or any other services may be extremely frustrating. The URL of the home page is sometimes difficult for the users to remember, making it difficult for the users to visit the website. We require numerous websites in daily life, which enhances the difficulties for all in terms of remembering the URL address.

A simple and straightforward way to sign in to the website is to visit the website and sign in using the link given there. If a website has not provided the link to log in there, the users might face confusion.

We are here with a simple solution for you in terms of signing in to the portal. We have designed an algorithm that maps the URL you wish to use and thus helps you sign in. We also provide the users with a search option from where a user can search the URL using a keyword. As soon as you submit a few letters, the drop-down menu gives you suggestions and helps you visit the URL you wish to visit.

The working functionality of the system is the same as that of a phone directory. Our services link the data with the keyword as a phone functionality does with the phone numbers. It becomes easy for the users to visit the URL just by using the keywords. The search facility enhances the convenience of the users in terms of visiting the portal and signing in.

That’s what the LoginRoo comes into action and helps out the users. We have mapped the most number of login pages on the internet with their URL names. You need to bookmark our site and type the few letters of the keyword. The suggestions will help you out to recall the URL address and thus visit the same. Our efficient search engines provide you with the suggestions closest to the keyword you submitted in the search box. On clicking the link, you will be automatically redirected to the URL page of the portal. You can use our portal using the search engines too. Our services are extremely simple and secure for users to use. If any user faces any issues while accessing our services, he can reach out to the customer support team and resolve them within a few seconds.